Themes are something most of us love to play around with. Why have the same one all the time when you can have a new one you haven’t seen before? One of the biggest reasons for failing to make any changes is because it just isn’t always easy to do so. Sometimes our web browsers play up and don’t let us, sometimes we don’t have time. Whatever your excuse, Themer will have you thinking twice.

There’s no costs involved at all to download and install and even once you have it, picking the themes will be free also. It’s the easiest solution to keeping a happy fresh looking wallpaper on any of your Android smartphones we have come across to date. It works by not making you have to search around the web for what you want. Instead, just pick out from the existing choice inside of the application. That may sound a bit iffy, but they have a big collection ranging from most subjects. As it grows in popularity, that selection will no doubt grow in time also so get on board and show some support.

To learn more about it you can check out their Facebook page. They are advertising now over at XDA so you can also check theirs out. Themer is still in its beta stages, but has gotten to the point of it being very near stable.

Via: Google Play