Rooting the ZTE Avid Plus smartphone is a great way to change-up the look of your device. One of the more popular things to do with a rooted Android is to install the Xposed framework which can act as a portal to changing your operating system much the same way as your custom ROM usually would alter the operating system.

Furthermore, another great reason to root the Avid Plus device is to install the Titanium Backup app. Most people go looking for an application that can perform a full backup. Sadly, there isn’t anything of the sort available for unrooted users and the closest thing possible for those with root access is the Titanium Backup application. The only way to take a true full backup is by installing a custom recovery and then pressing the Backup button for a NANDroid backup. Not all custom recoveries come with this feature though, which is why it’s best to search for a great recovery like TWRP Recovery if you want all the features.

ZTE Avid Plus

The Titanium Backup applications appeal isn’t all with backing up either. With Titanium working, users of the ZTE Avid Plus smartphone can remove stock apps. By removing the stock applications that usually come with your phone carrier network, you are increasing the performance. Many people refer to this is removing the bloatware on a device.

Files You Need

  1. Download the KingRoot application for the Avid Plus running Android 5.1 from here.
  2. Note that using the KingRoot tool does not require you to unlock the bootloader on the device.

Rooting the ZTE Avid Plus running the Android 5.1 Lollipop update

  1. Start off by enabling the Unknown Sources on your ZTE Avid Plus by pointing to the Menu > Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown Sources and checking the box for that option. You can can install applications on the Avid Plus device from outside the Google Play Store.
  2. Install the KingRoot APK from the files section above directly from the web browser application on your smartphone, or by transferring it from the SD card. You will want to use a File Manager if you are choosing the SD card method.
  3. Once you have installed the APK file, you can find it appearing as an application where you normally find your new apps after you download them from the Google Play Store. Head there now and tap the KingRoot application icon to open the app.
  4. Tap the large button from the main page of the KingRoot application that suggests it would root your device. The exact wording of this button can vary depending on your version.
  5. Watch as the progress bar makes its way around to be 100% on the display. The KingRoot app will now give you the success message, letting you know that your device is rooted.
  6. Close the KingRoot application and reboot your smartphone the way you normally would.
  7. Open the Google Play Store and install the root checker app on your device. The root checker basic is a free application that will confirm your device is rooted.

In conclusion, that’s how to root the ZTE Avid Plus smartphone. You may continue browsing the Google Play Store for other root-requiring applications like the Titanium Backup app we spoke about earlier. Removing the bloatware on a device is one of the most popular things you can do with root access.