Rooting Android can sometimes be a serious time where you want to make sure you don’t mess up your device. One of the main advantages of rooting is installing more apps. More specifically, it’s those apps that have the “root required” written beneath them, which you cannot install if you tried. A great many of these apps are serious by nature and you don’t want to accidentally delete important data from your system when you are using them. With that being said, there are apps out there for rooted users which are a little more light-hearted; one of them is the Network Spoofer application.

These are the guidelines to root the ZTE Grand X 3 when it is running on the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop software updates by flashing the KingRoot universal one-click rooting tool:

ZTE Grand X 3

Files You Need

  1. Download the KingRoot one click rooting application for the Grand X3 from this page.

Rooting the ZTE Grand X 3

  1. Enable the Unknown Sources option from your ZTE’s Settings by pointing to the Menu > Settings > Device Administration > Unknown Sources so you can install applications from outside the Google Play Store.
  2. Download the KingRoot APK file from the files section above and install it directly from your web browser application on the ZTE Grand X 3 smartphone. Alternatively, you can copy it to the SD card from a computer and install it using a File Manager application.
  3. Launch the app drawer and tap on the new app that says ‘KingRoot’ to open your rooting application.
  4. Tap on the large button from the main page that suggests it will root your device. (The wording of the button can change depending on the version of the KingRoot application you are using). 
  5. Do not touch anything on the device until the progress bar reaches 100% and the KingRoot application gives you the success message.
  6. Exit the KingRoot application and reboot the ZTE Grand X3 device.
  7. Open the Google Play Store application on your Grand X 3 smartphone and browse for the root checker app.

Anyone wanting to remove the KingRoot and unroot the ZTE Grand X 3 smartphone can learn how to remove the KingUser app that is on your device. other versions of the KingRoot app have an uninstall button from within the rooting app.

Now that you have just rooted the ZTE Grand X 3 smartphone by using a one-click rooting tool you can install any of the extra apps from the Google Play Store and online that would not run before. There is no difference between the amount of the root applications that you can run with regards to what tool you decide to get root access with on your phone.

Rooting doesn’t require an unlocked bootloader when you are choosing to get root access by using a one-click rooting tool. The only times when rooting needs to have the bootloader unlocked is when you are rooting from the custom recovery image because you cannot get a custom recovery with the bootloader still locked. Most people who choose to root with a custom recovery and something like SuperSU do so because they plan on installing custom ROMs and custom kernels to go along with their selection of the root applications. You don’t get the chance to do any of that when you get root access by flashing a one-click rooting tool such as the KingRoot tool. All it is good for is installing the root apps. Still, there are thousands of root apps out there that you can enjoy, and many of them can even do developing on your device just like you would expect fro ma custom ROM.