Looking to travel away from home and are worried about running out of money when you are overseas? Many places like New York and ditching the traditional Internet Cafe and turning them into more than just Internet Cafes because the business just isn’t there any more. The reason much of the Internet Cafe business is dwindling is because of the fact that there are so many places offering free WiFi these days. A quick Google search should help you out with finding where those places are in most major capitals.

While having free WiFi is great, it’s not quite as secure as your home connection, which is why many people prefer not connecting to public WiFi. Anyone without a rooted ZTE Nubdia Prague S smartphone will always have that problem. Others who are willing to root the device can reap the benefits of the WiFi protector application. With the WiFi protector app, users can run it on the Prague S handset and keep safe from DOS attacks, MITM attacks, ARP and all kinds of threats. Now you can hang out at the free WiFi zone like a boss.

ZTE Nubia

These are the guidelines to root the ZTE Nubia Prague S smartphone running on the Android 5.1 Lollipop software update:

Files You Need

  1. Download the KingRoot universal one click rooting applications for the Nubia Prague S by ZTE from here.
  2. Note that your Prague S smartphone does not need to have the bootloader unlocked before you follow this guide. It will get rooted with the bootloader locked still.

Rooting the ZTE Nubia Prague S running the Android 5.1 update

  1. Download the KingRoot rooting application and copy it to the SD card, or install it directly from your web browser app on the phone like Google Chrome. Anyone choosing the SD card method will want to find out how to transfer APKs from the SD card and the best File Managers for the job.
  2. Once done, open your device’s application drawer and tap on the KingRoot app icon.
  3. Tap over the big button from the main page that suggest it will root your device. The apps wording can change, but you should have no problem identifying this button.
  4. Wait for the progress bar to reach 100% before you exit the application.
  5. Navigate to your Power options and choose to reboot the device.

Once the ZTE Prague S device reboots itself, you are ready to start installing your root-requiring apps from the Google Play Store and other file hosting websites online. Some of the apps also have their own websites where the founder is hosting the app from his own site. One of those apps you will find online is the WiFi protector application we mentioned during the introduction.