The Telus ‘fascinate’ is popular with kids because it’s a fairly cheap device which is heavily customizable. It is one of those devices which gets around with a few different names, that’s why I’ve included the SGH-T959D at the end so it is recognized. The Telus is a mobile which has been around for many years and has seen many ROM versions come and go. From Froyo to Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and then Jelly Bean, no matter what you upgraded or downgraded to, there is one simple way for you to get root access.

What is the way to do it? By using the Super One Click tool. It is the easiest method we have found out about. Once we get to the steps everything is very simple. But before we get there we have to run through a few precautionary measures.

Samsung Galaxy S

Details of Note

  • Don’t try to use this tutorial for any other device. It is true that this tool is used for many, but that doesn’t mean that the guide will be the same. Always take a proper look for what you are using it on before you try anything. Being lazy in this manner is your first ticket to failure. Speaking of failing, if you get a message that says that very word during the installation disconnect everything and turn the handset completely off. Now re-insert the battery, connect it all up and try the process again.
  • Make sure you check the battery power level so that it is sufficient enough to not close down. Above all, that is particularly true if you don’t have the USB charging feature working. We suggest having 50% power before starting. Turn the phone on and check the battery icon from the status bar.
  • This is a manual tutorial made using a computer, notebook or laptop so make sure you have one of those handy before starting the steps. We need anything with a working USB slot so we can make the connection. Without a machine of either description there is no safe way to successfully conclude the guide.
  • Using the steps listed below we void any remaining device manufacturers warranty. Therefore, have a think about if you want to pursue it or not. if so, you want to make a full backup of the OS so that if you must do a factory reset it will have the data stored away. We want to make copies of the audio files, music files, pictures, texts, MMS messages, phone contacts, EFS folder and more. Use the Titanium backup application available from Google Play to store data if you already have unchained the OS with root access. use the Helium app to collect most data and contacts if you are running stock software and finally try the SMS Backup app if you want the easiest way to store those text messages from your family and friends.
  • Validate the USB Drivers so they are up to date. You can download the new one’s or try your luck with the existing drivers. However, if you struggle to make the connection it likely will come back to this reason. Sammy provide the drivers from the official website. Furthermore, enable the USB Debugging Options from the Developer Options menu.

How to root the Galaxy S Fascinate T959D using SuperOneClick for Telus subscribers

1. Download the rooting tool from here.

2. Save it to the desktop and then run the program.

3. Connect the Galaxy S Fascinate to the computer via the USB cable.
– if you can’t find the wire try looking at the phone charger.

4. Run the One Click program as an administrator.
– right-click on the file select the option..

5. Now inside the tool, select the root option.

6. Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to complete the guide.

This one doesn’t need the use of Odin or anything else like it. It’s a great tool that gives very simple access to the aftermarket world. The reason everybody doesn’t use it is because it doesn’t come for every single phone that is out. In fact, far from it. If you are lucky enough to own a device, it works well for then kudos to you. There’s not much else to say about this one. Everything else is self-explanatory. If there’s been anything not working it will most likely be due to your USB drivers not being up to date. Get these from the phone manufacturer’s website. This is an entirely separate thing to anything we do here. It’s the same drivers that are used to simply recognize your handset when it is connected to the computer so that you can use it.

Did you know that Amazon started selling this Smartphone for 1 cent as long as you were signed up to a two-year contract and using the Verizon carrier. This was a super hot deal across the United States.

There has been root methods for this mobile dating all the way back to Q3 in 2010. That’s over 3 years ago. However, there has been many different methods coming to us since then and we always try to keep you updated on what one is the best. More often than not this will also be the easiest.

Download the Root Checker app available from the Google Play Store to verify your success!