This root has been out for about two days now, so apologies for the delay. There is many Galaxy Mini updates going around at the moment. It’s very easy for the likes of myself to get confused. If you are somebody on the other side of the fence, however, I’m sure things are really simple and you just want the guide already. So without further adieu, here it is.

By following this tutorial you are agreeing to perform a custom operation and unlock the Android internal system of your smartphone. It comes at risk of soft-bricking or even hard-bricking which is never a great thing. Nonetheless, unlocking the system up to better things such as custom ROMs, additional apps that enhance performance and gaining more control over the OS are all things that people gladly take the risk for. It will take away the default and factory restrictions that are placed on the hardware before people buy the products.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Details of Note

  • Backing up is not needed, it is more of a precautionary measure. Having said that, we always encourage users to do a back up. It should only take a few minutes. Thing occasionally do go wrong, which is why you shouldn’t take the risk of losing all your data. Backup the EFS folder, phone contacts, picture galleries, music files,m video files, SMS texts with SMS Backup and any other data you think you need.
  • Normally, as time goes by, these roots become more easier. That isn’t the case with this particular one. It requires a bit of fiddling at the end with an extra SuperSu step. It’s a lot like upgrading an Android firmware guide manually if you have partaken in those duties before. It is a tool you should check out anyway, though if you haven’t already. It has also recently received an update to version 1.4.3 which you can check out here.
  • Get the Galaxy S4 Mini I9195 USB drivers. In addition, spot over at the Developer Options menu and enable the USB Debugging Mode. Without these two things we cannot complete the steps since it is impossible to connect without them.
  • Rooting always voids the device manufacturers warranty because it moves the flash counter away from zero. That means when the workers crack it open they notice it is tinkered with in ways which they do not cover. Thankfully this comes good again when you flash new stock firmware over the top and the root access is taken away.
  • Temporarily disable any security running on the smartphone and the computer. You must use a Windows PC since we are using the Odin tool that only works on the Microsoft Windows operating system. That said, we know Windows has a lot of viruses and most people use spyware, malware and virus protection. Turn those off until you finish here. However, remember to turn them back on again after you are done with the steps to make sure you don’t browse the web and get exposed to Trojan Horses.

How to root and install ClockworkMod Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini I9195

1. You will need to download three things:

– Odin 3.07

2. Extract the files from above.

3. Turn the galaxy Mini S4 I9195 off and boot it back up into download mode.

4. Run the ODIN and connect your device to the computer via USB.

6. Click the PDA button and upload the GT-I9195_MF5_870901_kernel.tar.md5 file.

The Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time boxes need to be checked.

7. Click the start button. It will now flash the root on. Wait for it to finish. Once done the mobile will reboot by itself. Look out for a pass message to appear inside ODIN if successful.

Now ClockworkMod is on your device. From here you need to boot it up into ClockworkMod recovery (Home+Power+Volume Up).

When exiting recovery it will prompt you and ask if you want to root. Here you must select yes.

It will now boot into the system. Now you need to install the Superuser app from the Google Play store.

Everything is now complete. Now that it is finished you can download the Root Checker application from the Google Play Store and verify its success.