If you like devices big by design, yet sleek by style, then the LG Optimus G Pro E980 is probably a device you would be interested in owning. It is out in the market to compete with the Galaxy Note 2. That’s a tough challenge most have chosen to stay away from for whatever reason. The LG actually does a pretty good job and stacking up against the Galaxy giants. The only real concern is in the way of customization where they have always lacked developer appeal.

Did you know that it is possible to install custom recoveries from the Google Play store. This is how you get your hands on the big names like CWM and TWRP. They are downloadable files. ClockworkMod also got way easier to installer with their new installer application which was just released last week. This was one of the first things they achieved an official company together. Their goal after joining forces was to become easier to use so that more people start getting into hacking and installing Rom’s.

Optimus G Pro

Having said that, it can be rooted and here we will show you how. Before we get stuck into the guide, there’s something you will need.

Details of Note

  • This universal rooting tool is all you need. That means that it is used on any firmware that you might be running as long as it is above 2.3. Having said that, you must stay within the boundaries. Do not try to install this using a different device because it won’t work. Not only will it fail, but it will cause harm to you or your friend’s property.
  • Get the HTC USB drivers by citing the LG website here and navigating to where it says they are available. Moreover, enable USB Debugging Mode by stopping over at the Developer Options menu from the Settings.
  • This guide is small, but it’s important to still take off any security that may threaten us during this procedure. Things like antivirus need disabling for now. There should always be some of this running on your computer. It’s not really needed for your phone unless you do a lot of browsing. The main problem with it, here is that it’s a real battery drainer. I always like to turn mine off for the most part. If you have it on the mobile also, please disable that now. Both of these can be turned back on once you have finished here. Try not to forget from the computer.
  • Backup all important data to the internal memory card. people can use applications available from Google Play such as Helium for making copies of the data and contacts. However, when it comes to storing SMS texts you want to use SMS Backup. Many of us have long messages with family, partners and friends that they can ill afford to part with.
  • It should always be a Windows-based PC that you try to do this from also. Most tools you will find for Android change will be especially made for Windows. Tools are generally made with a specific operating system in mind. There is no teamwork between Android and Microsoft or anything like that. It’s more just that Windows is more popular than Mac, so it’s well worth the developers while to make it compatible with the Redmond software instead.

How to root and install ClockworkMod recovery on the LG Optimus G Pro E980

1. Grab the E980-UniversalRoot.zip from here. Extract the file to the desktop.

2. Put the mobile into a charge only state. Connect it to the computer and let it sit there for 5 minutes.

3. From the extracted folder fetch out the currentroot.bat file and run it.

4. Follow the instructions on-screen and go into MTP mode when it alerts you. This is found in the same place as the charge only mode. Wait 5 minutes again for device recognition.

The one thing that can go wrong, is not giving it enough time to pick up your device. Five minutes is a safe time.

5. Hit any key to go ahead.

Now it will reboot automatically and you’re finished.

Users can head to the Google Play Store and download the Root Checker application to verify everything worked.

From there visit the Play Store once again and download the FreeGee Free app. Once downloaded, open it and select the Unlock my Optimus G option.