The Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 is a high-end smart phone, meaning it doesn’t come cheap and it’s got some mighty fine specs. Having said that, if you were to go and shop around online you can pick them up fairly cheaply today.

The design is much like any other device from Sony with a trademark style. Performance however, comes at an all time premium with quality speeds. Since this mobile is no longer many peoples daily drive, rooting has become popular. If you’re one of the people looking to do it, check out the guide below.

Xperia X10

Details of Note

  • Even though this guide is designed by using the simple super-one-click root tool, that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to still do any of the important stuff. The main one would be to turn off any malware protection and firewalls you may have running at present. We love them in general, but not when we are trying to do anything such as rooting. When they sense what we are trying to do, they can sometimes get in the way and not allow what we want them to for the time being. That’s why it’s best to just disable them until we are finished. There’s no need to get rid of them altogether or anything of that nature. If you did accidentally completely uninstall the software you had running, be sure to remember to install it again. This applied to the computer as well as the handset you have which we will be connecting to the computer. Don’t forget we want to be using a Windows-based PC to follow this for the tool to be effective.
  • Everything that you find here has been done for your educational purposes only. We are trying to help you with everything that you need to create a successful installation. Do not bite the hand that feeds you by attempting to sue us if anything goes wrong during the following of this guide. We aren’t liable or responsible for problems. We you touch your device you do so at your own accord, not ours because you follow our instructions.
  • Once you download the tool the installation process will be very quick. We, as well as the tools, rightful owners, always expect people to back up anything they may have. This includes apps, contacts, settings, anything at all that you have added to the handset after you purchased it will need to be back up properly. There’s many ways to do this. Hopefully you have already gotten into a routine and done it several times before unless it is a brand new phone for you.
  • Make sure you Enable USB Debugging Mode. Furthermore, find the up to date USB Drivers and successfully install them if you do not have them already. That will allow us ot make a connection between the computer and the mobile device.
  • Perform a full backup of the data stored on the X10. That way if you need to take a factory reset and the data is wiped you can get it back again. Make copies of the photo galleries, music and audio files, contacts SMS and MMS messages and any other sensitive data. Use SMS Backup from the Google Play store for an easy way to do that. Moreover, the Helium app is a great way to store the rest.

How To Root Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 using The One Click Tool

1. Download the One Click rooting tool and save it to the desktop.

2. Extract the file and right-click on the tool. From here you will need to select run as administrator.

3. Plug your Xeria 10 into the computer with the USB cable.

4. Open up the program and select the root option.

Follow the rest of the instructions as it tells you to do until it’s finished.

Even though this is put on by the handy tool, that still means you will lose your warranty that you might have still had running before you started. If you don’t want that to happen then go back and uninstall what you just did instead.

There really shouldn’t be any need of troubleshooting anything this time around. If you do need it, enter recovery mode. That’s the stock version and not any of the custom variety. The other two things that you need are the USB drivers and the USB debugging enabled. This is obtained by flicking the switch over in the settings, or by navigating over to the developer options.

One of the good things about this tool is that it doesn’t have any firmware requirements. It should manage to work on just about everything that it could be running on.