The Samsung Galaxy Grand Max just received a new way to get root access thanks to the KingRoot tool. Dubbed the new rooting tool that can root just about all Android devices, the KingRoot tool is simple to use. Just download the application and open it from the application drawer and press the big blue button from the main screen. This button will now ping data back from the KingRoot teams cloud servers.

The only problem which people hate is that the developers must ping your IMEI number and this leads to people thinking that the Chinese have your data. The KingRoot team said not to worry about the data scare because the amount of people who use the tool would require them to spend so much more to store the data that there’s no way they would ever imagine doing so. that sounds like a great answer to me.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Max

The KingRoot tool works for any firmware and software update from Android 2.3 Gingerbread through to Android 5.1 Lollipop. We are sure a new update will arrive where they have a new exploit found for the new marshmallow that’s set to arrive this fall. For now, though, you can root your device with confidence. The new one-click universal rooting tool is known as more of a soft root which typically means you cannot install a custom recovery. However, sources say that you can still flash a recovery. A custom recovery won’t be much good to you with the Samsung Galaxy Grand Max anyway, since there are hardly any custom ROMs available. Most people will want the root access in this instance because they can then install the root-requiring apps from the Google Play Store.

The files you need

  • Download the KingRoot app for your Galaxy Grand Max here. The team suggests that you should try the desktop version if the app doesn’t work for you. We know this device is compatible.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Grand Max

  1. Navigate your way over to the Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown Sources on your Android KitKat operating system and enable the Unknown Sources option. Now you can install apps from outside the Google Play Store.
  2. Download the KingRoot app on your device. You should get three apps installed on the app drawer.
  3. Tap and open the app called KingRoot.
  4. Inside the app you’ll see one large button to press to try to get root access on your device. Click that option.
  5. Now the tool will ping its own cloud servers for the data it needs to root your device. It’s impossible to brick your device at this point because if there isn’t a working rooting method, it will tell you the device cannot be rooted using its tools. Then you just pack up and leave However, we know there is a working method for this device since the developers have told us.
  6. Once you see the large green tick, exit the app and reboot your device.

Now you can head directly to the Google Play Store and download some of those apps you’ve been waiting to use all this time.