As you can see, unrooting represents the first step to take when attempting to turn your Samsung Galaxy Grand Max back to the way you had it when it was first opened out of the box. Usually with Samsung devices, that involves getting a stock firmware build from Samsung Updates or Sam Mobile. However, if you are one of the people who rooted a device with the KingRoot one-click universal rooting tool, that probably means you can unroot the device with an easier method than that. All you need to do is use the same KingRoot application and we’ll show you everything you need to know after the jump.

Before you decide to unroot your Sammy smartphone, you should know that you will no longer be able to use the root-requiring applications that you installed from Google Play. That means you might as well delete them if you don’t plan on having the root access any longer. Moreover, you won’t be able to use the custom ROM again. if that sounds good to you, get ready to start the guide.

Galaxy Grand Max

Of course, since we are only using the app from the app drawer, a computer will not be required for the guide. However, that’s assuming you used our guide to gain the root access. If you did get root access to the desktop version of the one-click universal rooting tool, you’ll need to connect to the same computer and use that program for the unrooting. In that manner, you will likely want to update the Samsung USB drivers for the Windows PC you are using. A simple Google search for the query ‘Samsung USB Drivers’ should ping you back the correct official link from Sammy at the top of the page.

The files you need:

  • You do not need any files for this guide. You should already have the three apps installed on your device if you gained root access with the KingRoot tool. Those are the files we are using today.

Unrooting the Samsung Galaxy Grand Max

  1. Turn on your Grand Max and delete the KingMaster and KingRoot apps available from the app drawer.
  2. That should leave you with one application left that’s related to the KingRooting tool. Click and open the KingUser app.
  3. Tap on the Settings icon that’s available from the top right corner of the main screen in the app.
  4. Tap the root authorization settings.
  5. tap the “remove root permission” option.
  6. You’ll get a pop up message here. Click the clear option and it will now continue to uninstall the KingUser and unroot your Samsung device.
  7. Wait a few minutes until it’s done. You should find the KingUser app installs itself automatically.

Those who do not see the KingUser app gone, can just long-press over the app and it will delete just like any other app.

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