If you want the latest operating system updates, many more apps to use, to remove bloatware, ditch Android skins and better backing up options, you should think about rooting your Samsung Galaxy Grand 3. We love smartphone from the Galaxy Grand series. The third installment in the series has been available for a while, but for some reason third-party developers haven’t been all that interested in finding working methods for these devices.

Owners of the Galaxy Grand can smile, for once, because we now are confident we have a working rooting method for you. The tool we are using today is a universal one-click rooting tool called KingRoot. You might know the name since it’s now been around for a few months. Dubbed the rooting tool that roots nearly all devices, KingRoot is being used by Android experts all around the globe. Some people do not like the KingRoot method all that much because it comes with some privacy concerns.

Galaxy Grand 3

According to our sources, the concerns arise with Samsung in particular because the KingRoot developers ping your IMEI number to their servers. They say they do this because they use a cloud-based system to search their data and find the working rooting method for you. Additionally, the developers say they do not keep your data. However, they have no proof of not keeping your data and that’s where people have concerns. In a rebuttal against that argument, the KingRoot developers laugh at the suggestion they keep people’s data because it would require so much server space and money to do that it’s unrealistic. We tend to agree. It really would require lots of server space and it would cost a great deal of coin to keep everyone’s data. It’s the kind of the governments do but governments don’t mind spending a few million as if it’s a twenty dollar bill.

Files You Need

  1. Download the universal KingRoot one-click rooting app from the XDA Developers forum.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Grand 3

  1. Start by pointing to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and check the box so you can install apps outside the Google Play Store. Without the Unknown Sources enabled, it won’t allow for the ‘unknown’ sources.
  2. Download the KingRoot APK from the file above and move it to the desktop of the computer.
  3. Connect your Galaxy Grand 3 smartphone to the computer using the USB cable.
  4. Copy the KingRoot APK from the desktop over to the internal storage SD card and make sure it’s the root of that SD card. The root of the SD card means keep the file on the topmost folder and not in any sub folder.
  5. Unplug your Galaxy Grand 3 from the computer.
  6. Launch a File Manager on your device and install the KingRoot APK just like you would any other APK file.
  7. When done correctly, you’ll now see three new apps available from your app drawer. Tap on the KingRoot app icon to open the application.
  8. From the main page, you will see a large button that suggests getting root access; click that button.
  9. Wait until the progress bar reaches 100% and you can see the success message from the display.
  10. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 device once it’s done and open the Google Play Store to start downloading your apps.