It’s normal for your body to give off a few nervous twitches before you spend the next few minutes rooting the Lenovo S660 device. After all, it would be a huge burden on our wallets should the worst case scenario happen and something was to go wrong. Thankfully these days those kind of hard-brick situations are rare and most cases of unfortunate bricks are nothing more than soft-bricks which can be fixed without too much effort at all. The main obstacle you will have to overcome is finding out ways to fix your self-birkc situations. I can tell you from experience that most of those things will come from simply flashing a stock ROM, but doing it manually and not via an over the update you might otherwise know as accepting an “OTA”.

So as long as you know how to solve any potential problems, you can be what is now considered as an advanced Android user and ready to root your device. Here is everything you need to root the Lenovo S660 device:

Lenovo S660

Files You Need

  1. Download the Framaroot application for the S660 from here.
  2. Note that by rooting the S660 device you are agreeing to void the Lenovo warranty. That will remain the same until you choose to unroot the device. Once unrooted, you should find the S660’s warranty starts working again. There is no limit as to how many times you can root and unroot a device to get the warranty working again. If it works once it should continue to work forever.

Rooting Lenovo S660

  1. Enable the USB Debugging Mode on the Lenovo S660 device before you connect with the computer.
  2. Enable the Unknown Sources option from the S660’s Settings menu.
  3. Install the Framaroot APK on your device just like you would any other application.
  4. Open the Framaroot application from the app drawer once you have it on your device.
  5. Tap on the Boromir exploit option from the menu underneath where it says ‘Install SuperSU’.
  6. Wait for a few minutes until you can see the Exploit Success message on the display in a pop up window.
  7. Close the Framaroot application and reboot the Lenovo device before you do anything else.

In conclusion, that’s how to root the Lenovo S660 device so you can start installing your root requiring applications from the Google Play Store and other third-party sources online. You may also be interested in installing the basic root checker application from the Google Play Store free of charge and opening it up from the app drawer before you start installing your apps. The root checker application can let you know if you have rooted the device properly or not.