All it usually takes people is a quick glance at some of the “best root apps” lists that are available on the internet and they will soon find out scads of reasons why rooting Android operating systems is an appealing thing to do. We’ve touched on it before: the word ‘apps’ alone sounds dull, boring and uneventful, but in reality we can use applications outside of the realms of normal comprehension to enhance our devices in ways most people who are not Android enthusiasts would have envisioned as being unimaginably possible or just completely implausible.

One of those things you can do that people wouldn’t have known is change the boot animation. Changing something that is deeply embedded in the operating system source code is usually only changed when we add new ROMs or kernels. However, thanks to some clever developing by some, we have an application that can tweak our boot animations. It doesn’t allow us to change the boot animation into anything we would have liked, but then again, no ROM would allow for that kind of tweaking either. The good news is there are over 300 boot animations to choose and have running on your Symphony Xplorer W69 device if you want to go in that direction.

Symphony Xplorer W68

Here is everything you need to start using the Boot Animation application as well as countless other root applications on the Symphony Xplorer W68 smartphone:

Files You Need

  1. Download the latest version of the Framaroot application for your W68 smartphone from here.

Rooting the Symphony Xplorer W68

  1. Enable the Unknown Sources option from your Xplorer W68 smartphone before you install the root application.
  2. Download the Framaroot application on your Xplorer W68 device and install it just like you would any other APK file on your Android.
  3. Head over to the application drawer of your W689 device and tap on the Framaroot icon that is now available.
  4. Under where it says ‘Install SuperSU’, tap on the Boromir exploit option from the list.
  5. Wait until the Boromir exploit roots your device in a matter of minutes.
  6. Once you get the Exploit Result screen with the success message showing below, exit the Framaroot application and reboot your device.

In conclusion, that’s all you have to do in order to root the Symphony Xplorer W68 smartphone running on any firmware. The Framaroot application is one of the most popular one-click rooting application that is available on Android. Those who did not have any luck rooting with the Framaroot application can try KingRoot instead. The method of rooting an Android device coming from a custom recovery doesn’t work for this device because there is no custom recovery available. However, should the day come where you are able to install TWRP Recovery on the Symphony Xplorer W68 smartphone, you could probably try uploading the SuperSU application zip file from your recovery and seeing if that roots your device.