The Samsung Galaxy A51 has not been easy to get root access to due to there being two Vbmetas. However, over time a custom recovery image (TWRP) became available that made it possible. Once you have rooted the Galaxy A51, you can start to install root apps and custom firmware.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to root the Galaxy A51 so you can install root apps and custom firmware.

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy A51 on Android 12, 11, 10 with TWRP

You can root the Samsung Galaxy A51 using the TWRP custom recovery image instead of Magisk. Here is how to do that:


  • You need to unlock the bootloader on the Galaxy A51 before you can get root access to its Android operating system. See the following tutorial: How to Unlock Samsung A51 Bootloader.
  • From our research, there is not currently a working root method for this device with Magisk. This is because there are two different Vbmetas (Vbmeta.img,Vbmeta_samsung.img). Thus Samsung has made it trickier than usual. Thankfully there is now a TWRP available and you can get root access with it instead. Download TWRP: Twrp+vbmeta_A11.tar
  • If you need firmware, you can download the firmware for the Galaxy A51. See this tutorial for installing Samsung firmware: Free Samsung Firmware Update Tools.

You will trip Samsung’s Knox when you get root access with the following guide, meaning your device will no longer be under warranty.

1. Start with the Galaxy A51 turned off.

2. Reboot it by holding the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons and connect the USB cable to the computer.

3. Wait for the A51 to enter Download Mode.

4. Open Samsung’s proprietary flashing software, Odin, on the computer (desktop or laptop). Download: Odin 3.14.1.exe

5. Choose the file recovery disabler vb meta.tar, and uncheck the Auto Reboot option.

6. Click Start to begin the flashing and then wait for the pass message.

7. Disconnect the USB cable.

8. Press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons. When the screen is off, press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons until you see the Samsung logo and then release the Power button while keeping the Volume Up button pressed. The A51 will now enter TWRP.

9. Choose to Wipe/Format Data/Reboot Recovery from the menu.

10. Enter TWRP again and flash the multidisabler > transfer file from the computer or using USB OTG/SD Card.

11. Choose to Wipe/Format Data/Reboot Recovery from the menu.

12. Flash Magisk to get root access.

13. Flash the DisableDM-Verity_ForceEncrypt > transfer file from the computer or using USB OTG/SD Card. Download:

14. Reboot the system and wait for up to five minutes for the reboot to complete.

You will now see the welcome screen and be rooted with TWRP Recovery.

You may now want to check out some of the best root apps for Android if you like. Alternatively, you can check out the best Samsung Galaxy A51 Custom ROMs.

In conclusion, that is how to root the Samsung Galaxy A51 smartphone running on Android 12, 11, and 10 with a custom recovery image.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Turn Off Galaxy A51

You can press and hold the Power button to turn off the Samsung Galaxy A51. You can also pull down the notificaton shade from the top of the screen and choose to power off from there.

2. How to Screenshot on Galaxy A51

Press the Power and Volume Down buttons simulataneously to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A51. The picture you capture will end up with the rest of your photos which can be accessed via the camera app.

3. Does the Galaxy A51 Have Wireless Charging

The Samsung Galaxy A51 does not have wireless charging. However, according to the Samsung forum, you may be able to add it yourself by purchasing an adapter. If you already bought this phone, you can navigate to Settings > Device Care > Battery > Charging and then look for a wiresless charging toggle that can be enabled. If there is no toggle, there is no wireless charging option.

Source: [RECOVERY] TWRP For Samsung Galaxy A51 SM-A515F One UI 3.0 DUB1 Android 11