Other than smartwatches, Google Glass is the next big thing in tech. How the world takes to them has always been a concern, and as such, Google are proceeding very cautiously to make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible. They even took up the idea of changing the design, something which I have spammed around many comment sections of big time Android blogs.

Glass is a bit of tech attached to people’s faces, much like regular glasses would be. Because of this, there is one common conundrum which is seen: how do people who don’t have great eye sight adjust to these. It would be personally put together by a prescription wouldn’t it? The answer to that question is unfortunately a yes, but Google is banking on this tech advancement as something that will be well worth the effort.

The first company to date to offer the prescription service is Rochester Optical. Rochester works on all types of Glasses, however, for the glass project it will be the more sporty, fashion and prescription variety which will be getting all the attention from them.

We’ve seen an extra 3 people of the friends who had the original test pair been allowed to grab an extra pair of Glass in the new program being offered out. Google are firmly attempting to expand what current program they do have to more and more depths, including fixing any software bugs as well as taking in any new suggestions that the regular folk off the street might have who have worn them around town.

Yesterday Google had talks to possibly expand on the current program once again and give Glass an even wider distribution. People are now able to go, and buy accessories made for Glass. This includes Japanese micro-fiber ear bugs that cost $50. Understandably there will be times when people want to get rid of the surrounding sounds and just tune into what they are seeing, much to the less tech savvy people’s dismay.

The biggest challenge that Rochester now face is the styling and design which will play an integral role on how successful Glass will become to the younger generation in which it is aimed at. For this project to succeed it will have to take a firm grasp of the younger generations attention, because attempting to buy over the older people may prove an impossible task without the helping hand of teens trying to convince they are cool to their parents.

A Californian woman was recently pulled over and ticketed for wearing a test pair of the Glass while driving. A picture of the alleged documentation is available online as she went public to social media about it.

Rochester Optical will develop three different sets of glasses: Fashion, Sport and prescription pairs of glass.