The Nexus 5 is getting some more special treatment: Google Now new features will be coming in a new update in two days time, according to a report. The Nexus 5 was the first mobile to come with Android 4.4 and it looks like it will also be getting even more in a similar marketing scheme that allows lots of publicity for an affordable device that runs great hardware.

It’s common after a new Android mobile has come out that it will receive some firmware updates, so on that part, it’s not a huge shock that this is happening. But if you didn’t have enough of an incentive to buy into the new mid-range Google phone, now there might be a valid one because it is not yet known how far this update will end up extending, much like some other exclusive things we have seen go straight to the Nexus 5 without any other destination known.

Google Now, as the name suggests, is all about getting things that you want and need now in one easy place. It is already running on many devices, and from all reports it is much-loved so far. The new features on the way are for weather, sports scores and traffic information. There’s also an updated stock feature in store.

This update is coming on the 13th of November.

Via AndroidAuthority