2013 has been a year that’s seen many great movies come out in the action/thriller genre, and if you have been too busy to catch up on many of them, now is a good time thanks to this free offer from Sony.

If you are the owner of a Xperia Z, Z Ultra or tablet Z, Sony is giving you a free 60 day movie/game and music pass to enjoy straight from your devices with the helping hand of the Google Play store.

“Your Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and Tablet Z come with an exclusive entertainment pack filled with music, films and games. Start enjoying it now by opening the Xperia Privilege app from the app tray or downloading it from Google Play™ for the best entertainment, accessories and apps on your Smartphone or tablet.”

As I mentioned before, there is many great new movies that have just come out on DVD in the last few months, so now is a great time to have access to this deal. It’s also about a month after the new flagship Sony handset came out, so people will be less into just looking around the device and more into seeing what it can do.

The Z1S is another one of Sony’s phones which the company will look to make global before the holiday period. They have always been an entertainment company so special offers such as these may continue to come your way if you happen to invest in one of the handsets from their range.

Via: Sony