A leak coming straight from T-Mobile has given us the price of the Nexus 5 and it is very cheap considering how good it is. The price will be $450 from T-Mobile which should also have it pegged as basically the same price for the other big name carriers and slightly more expensive for the smaller ones. Better yet, if you were to buy this direct from Google you are only looking at paying $350 all up, minus the SIM card you might want from one of the carriers.

It was always known that the Nexus 5 was going to give customers great value for money, but this price confirms even more value than many would have hoped. That’s around a third cheaper than what the Moto X came in at when it was first released.

The Nexus 5 has one thing going for it that any of the other mid-ranged handsets this year didn’t: it will have the new Android 4..4 Kit Kat with it. Not only that, but it also has over 5 brand new and exclusive KitKat features only found on the new Nexus.

The release date is confirmed for November 20 for in-store purchases. It will be possible to order online before this date and more like November 14.

There’s also some colorful covers available for this one. You can see the yellow one featured here.

Via: T-Mobile