The Moto Maker is the service that goes with the Moto X Smartphone. With it you can customize the looks of the back panel and various other parts connected to the phone. We said last week that it would be coming to T-Mobile after it opened the flood gates from being an AT&T exclusive deal.

Further, we had a hunch that it would set a trend and now become available for most, if not all, carriers and today it’s confirmed that the Moto Maker service will be coming to each one of the major U.S. phone carriers.

Rather than coming to T-Mobile first and then Verizon and so on, it has all happened at the one time. If you are contracted to any of the big names, the new service will be available as of today, November 11.

The Moto X is now becoming a bit on the older side after being released mid-year. For many carriers it is no longer a contract option and will need to buy outright. T-Mobile is one of the names that doesn’t contract it any more. Sprint and Verizon still offer the 2 year contract option.

The Moto maker also lets you engrave things into the back panel as an option. There are very few limits about what this engraving can be, as long as it stays PG rated, you can end up with some ravishing designs on the condition that you can produce it first.

To go along with the shell colours you choose to have, you can also choose the button colours which give you the chance to change three things and colour code them up to suit your personal preference. On top of that, you can also create a custom boot logo for your phone and then a custom wallpaper that compliments the phone colours that you choose on the outside so that when the phone is turned on it all looks fantastic as one piece working together.

Motorola haven’t been the most popular name for the last few years for the younger generation, but since they have teamed up with Google they have done wonders in putting themselves back on the radar. There’s also the Moto G which is the next tandem effort device set it be revealed very soon so stay tuned.

Via: Moto Maker