Since CyanogenMod become an official company they had preached to do some work that would make CM an easier process for all to enjoy. The Oppo N1 is also a phone coming out that will have CyanogenMod already installed on the handset!

To me, personally, this is a fantastic thing. I don’t necessarily enjoy the fiddling around side of things, I just enjoy having the end product working on my screen. For many purest, however, a CyanogenMod installer has raised a few hairs, and many aren’t enjoying the fact that it does exist as of today. Part of the customizing process, as they like to see it, is the getting your “hands dirty” part and being able to do it yourself, as well as also just enjoying the steps in getting it done.

When it comes to custom firmware there is no bigger name in the business, but there has been many that have come close. The main reason Cyanogen have continued their dominance is their ability to make a final custom ROM that is ultra reliable. By branching out into a company and making advancements towards things like installers, their goal is to make it known as reliable as the device would be before any tinkering, and to take away any negative stimulus that might be accustomed to playing around with a handset after it’s taken off the shelf.

Whatever your opinion, it’s hard to imagine that adding something like this installer here as an app available for download from the Play Store won’t make modding more popular than what it was yesterday. For that reason, this is a big day (and possibly a monumental one) in custom history.

If there has been one complaint taken from some comment sections around the web it’s that people running Linux and mac don’t have anything available for them now. Not a huge surprise given the fact that many Android-based installers are only made for Windows such as the Odin, but it has left some people stranded. Still, if you can’t find a friend or family member that doesn’t run any Windows products, then you’re considered rather unlucky now.

There’s two things you will need to get this up and running: the app which is obtained by visiting the link at the bottom of the post, and the client side installer which can only be obtained by visiting the team official website.

Download: CyanogenMod Installer for Android