The Toq was the new Smartwatch from an entry we weren’t expecting on getting one from (Qualcomm). We reviewed this rather extensively last week, but that was the features side only, and no word had been given on pre-order availability yet. We know it would be coming out on Cyber Monday. That’s this one coming after the thanksgiving celebrations accompanied by the Black Friday sales.

Now we know that the Toq is on sale for $349.99 pre-ordered starting now. There are lots of things to be learned on this one. We know that it does come in with a higher price than the rest, and it should compete with the Gear and the Sony, but we don’t know if that money is well spent. I praised its good looks and stand by them still today, but it might be a good idea to steer clear of this one until somebody else has forked out their hard-earned money first to see what it’s like. I’m sure many a review will be available before too long.

To get this one to work will need an Android Smartphone, but that list hasn’t been issued out either. Expect some compatibility struggles for the first little while until it’s amount of devices it is used for stems further out.

You can pre-order this watch as of today from the official website.

We can now add another successful trademark leak. This is fast becoming one of the most reliable way to get good sources. There is a real lack of privacy for anything legal and filing the trademark if they want to keep the name. This broke way back nearly 6 months ago, but was very much forgotten until last week when things escalated towards a release.

Last time around we only had the black option but mentioned how much we liked the silver (pictured).

Via: Droid Life