While it is still up for debate if the Smartwatch will be around in the long haul, I for one am not betting on it goes anywhere. Whether it happens fast or slow, I fully expect this era of wearable tech to withstand the pressures of scrutiny and eventually become all we know as a watch. The one thing it has going for it is that it wasn’t completely disliked, not by a long shot. Technological changes and as such so can the design of these watches.

It seems like only yesterday the Galaxy Gear was revealed to us and already Samsung has come out to talk about the Galaxy gear 2. Like most things in the tech sector, the South Korean company will focus on making it more efficient than the last time around.

A spokesperson has revealed a device that will be up to %20 lighter than that of the one we are seeing today. A big reason for that will be the new material (yet to be mentioned) that it will be made out of. It has also been considerably thinner.

Maybe they came out and said this a little too quickly, because the Gear is severely lacking in handsets it can run with at the moment. After first coming to the Note 3 it hasn’t seen a great deal of expansion since. The second generation of this, however, will be released on a bigger scale to go along with the Galaxy S5 according to reports. That means sales are still down and now after this news they will likely stay there as people wait for the better version coming next year. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, because if wearable tech was to stay around forever and replace the common watch there really is no rush.

What will be interesting is to see if the folding screens make their way over to this bit of wrist luxury.