The Pebble Smartwatch deserves its name mentioned among the best of any because it was the first on the scene. Originally funded by the public as one of the projects from KickStarter, it quickly raised its goal and was created. This is also worth mentioning if Smartwatches survive the test of time, because if the way this was founded has anything to do with it, the answer is yes. People certainly seemed to take a liking to the idea. Arguably, this has helped the industry of wearable tech get to where it is today.

It isn’t as good as the newer one’s like the Galaxy Gear in terms of what it can do, but it also comes in at a fraction of the cost. Amazon is the latest company to start selling the pebble, and it will set you back $149.99 if you want one.

The one annoyance with Amazon is that they refuse to ship their product to certain parts of the world. If you are living in Australia and want something it won’t let you order it. Still, there are many happy patrons inside the States that call themselves a reputable brand and seem to enjoy what they do. The given price is likely the same for all retailers.

These come in three different colors: the red, black and gray. The red color is the one that always gets its face shown in the pictures and probably is the most popular in sales. The others look nice as well, though. They have a fairly unique look when compared to the rest. Some call them more elegant.

Via: Android Central