Believe it or not, the flexible phone phenomena haven’t really made it to most places around the world just yet. A big reason for that being we have only seen two of these types of mobiles released so far and one of those has hardly visited outside of Korean shores. That’s all about to change apparently, with the LG company about to announce shipping plans for a lot of extra regions, including the United States of America.

If it does reach the states it could come along with the Android 4.4 KitKat firmware upgrade and not the Jelly Bean its homeland of Korea is using as we speak.

The shipments could start in December, but it’s not known if that would mean in time to make it a Christmas gift or not. That thought is a reasonable one because he handset itself isn’t all that pricey at all.

The Sprint version of this phone visited the FCC this month.

Once thing that many people don’t mention is this phone’s ability to heal itself. If you scratch it (faintly) it would actually absorb the scratch over the next few minutes and wind up looking new again. Personally, I thought this was nearly as good as the flex itself, but it never seems like part of the marketing. To prove it’s as good as it sounds, there is video footage of this.