There will eventually be a CDMA version, but for now it has opened up solely in the U.S under the GSM name. It appears Google isn’t money hungry this time around either because they are offering this one contract free and unlocked right off the bat. That means you can pay $179 and have it with no carrier restrictions at all.

The Moto G is a cheaper model of the Moto X. Not to be confused with the other model looking to take off the Moto X that was going to international shores. From now on, this is a trend when Google and Motorola release their next years model phones. There will be two: one expensive, and a watered down variant.

The CDMA model will be coming to us in the first month of the new year. There are different amounts of GB storage, and they will be priced so. The price we give here is for the baseline product.

Furthermore, there will always be a few months in between the release dates so that a good amount of people spend their money on the more expensive phone. That’s the way the cookie crumbles with business sometimes. There’s a good reason to invest in this one if you didn’t manage to save up enough penny’s to get dips on the first one. It is known as being just about the best value for money you will find out of any handset, including the Nexus 5.

Moreover, the other international handset will still be the DVX and is out soon.

If you want to learn more about this one you can look up some size comparison charts to give you an idea of how it will look in your hands.