It’s funny how something can flop in general, but hold important aspects inside of them that see success. Take Blackberry’s messenger service, for instance, which has been so popular that some Androids will now be seeing it come pre-installed when they buy them. At the other end of the spectrum, Blackberry is doing so badly they are desperately searching for somebody to buy them out. Even that could prove a hard task, and there are now talks of up to 8 separate people taking shares.

It’s only been out for roughly a month, but in its first week of going live on Android and iOS it had received a multitude of millions of downloads. Now some handset manufacturers are going to try to use it as a selling point when bringing out a new mobile. It’s not yet known if this was instigated by the Canadian wireless company themselves, or the phone makers wanting the app.

The news should also pay good dividends for the Blackberry company who should obviously be seeing a piece of the pie went it comes to revenue from the service. Furthermore, it may spark some enthusiasm back into the brand name and get people talking about it again. If ever there was a time for a last effort to come around it would be now for the once popular keyboard styled Smartphone owners.

This application that users have to download from the respective stores up until now has recently seen a big update take place in the month of November. Many people were holding their breaths when the Berry company was accused of spamming comments, but all that news has luckily died down now.