It’s hard to believe that such a household name in the electronics industry could be struggling in parts of the well populated Asian side of the world, especially when they are an Asian manufacturer. But reports today paint a very bleak outlook for Samsung in Japan.

The situation hasn’t been steady for months, but today it has taken a turn for the worst, and it now being labelled as critical, reports have suggested.

Nobody knows exactly what it is that makes the Japanese people refuse to break into markets outside of their own, but now they prefer to stay with the products made in their own backyards instead. Brands like Sharp and Sony, are doing very well. It could have something to do with worrisome times ahead for the economy. Japan is a place that was devastated in the past, and just maybe they have learnt that a critical area for them to stay afloat is to support their own companies.

It’s not dire straights for a company like Samsung either if Japan does choose to do that. They are still leading the way on a world-wide scale.

Via: The Korea Herald