Smartwatches were never intended as smartphones on your wrist, but they have had a connection almost all times between the two so far. Neptune Pine aimed to change that to the best of their ability by making them almost the same.

Their version of the watch is borderline an Android handset fitted to your wrist. That’s not necessarily a bad, thing, but when we envisioned adapts to the current models it isn’t exactly what we were thinking.

Does that mean it won’t be successful? No, it doesn’t. Many may find it appealing, but at the same time many might find the current form factor a little too big, especially if your somebody who doesn’t usually posses bulky tastes. A big attributing factor to this was the SIM tray which needed installing underneath, leaving Neptune no option, but to create a big base which was then accompanied by a 2.4 inch screen.

As far as look goes, it’s not as nice as what we have come to know from the Galaxy Gear and Sony so far. Other mock ups seem to have looked more impressive also. Looks are very much just personal preference though, so let us know what you think in the comments. Will you be buying the Pine?

This one started off as a kick-starter project. It reached its goal without any worries at all so there is obviously a strict following for it. The Canadian company will be releasing this one just after the new year celebrations.

Via Pocket-lint