I have the feeling over time I’m going to start feeling a bit sick of chocolate after I post a good thousand articles about Android’s latest operating system idea, but for now I’m enjoying myself. So much so that as soon as a new device gets the goodies I want to let you know about it.

Today it’s the Moto X from AT&T’s turn to get delivered the chocolate OS that starts with the letter K. We’ve already seen this build roll out of the Nexus tablets after it started originally with the Nexus 5 when it first came out. Now the different Moto X carriers will get to take it in turns for the software. Generally, it’s the bigger guys that end up with the newer firmware first. That’s in contrast to it sometimes being cheaper to pursue the smaller guys when shopping for the original product. A case of pick your poison for now.

Over the air roll outs will take their usual amount of time. It could be today for you or next week. Hopefully you win the lottery this time around. There’s nothing new inside this build that the Nexus devices didn’t get so there’s nothing new to mention here.

Up next for this will be Sprint according to reports. Followed closely behind them will be U.S. Cellular. If we were to take a guess, we’d say that could be as soon as next week for at least one of the two remaining phone holders.

Don’t forget about the new Moto Maker which lets you customize the Motorola Moto X has gone around to all the different handsets, no matter who you are with. It originally was an AT&T exclusive.

This has been one of our favorite handsets for 2013. Other than the Nexus 5, it could also be called the best value for money now still after receiving further price cuts across the board.