One of the best things about smart watches that could be here for the long hall is its ability to send simple push notifications that let the users check things in an instant. There isn’t a great deal that smart watches can do that a Smartphone isn’t already capable of. What it can do though is make it easier for you to see notifications, and that’s why we are tipping that will be its selling point for years to come.

Now we are starting to see more functionality with apps and what we can get notes for. It started off as only the social media sites like Facebook. It then saw added extras like Twitter and Instagram, and now we are seeing things away from social networks and more to do with day-to-day life. Take the remote app, which lets users set a plan for TV shows and then when its time it will let you know this. This is the latest craze for watches we are seeing today, thanks to this application. Who knows what we will see tomorrow. Hopefully some more innovation like this.

It is also being advertised as a universal remote control, and while it does create the gateway to success, it will also be selling a few more Galaxy Note’s because you will need them to get the full experience. Don’t forget these first bits of wearable tech will be coming out with added support for other handsets really soon. If you notice a KitKat update heading the way of the Samsung device you own, this could be it.

Download: Smart Remote