Now available is the prepaid iPhone 4s and the iPhone 4 from Cricket Wireless as of this weekend. It marks a milestone for the iPhone 4S in the United States with Cricket Wireless being the first carrier to offer up the iPhone 4s as prepaid.

The prepaid option will be available across most of the Cricket Wireless outlets already and sales have reflected that notion already with the prepaid iPhone 4s causing quite a stir. It has been noted that several Cricket outlets have received lines backing up all the way out the doors for the prepaid iPhone 4s.


So just what is Cricket Wireless offering? They are offering prepaid iPhone 4s on sale for $499 which is the 16GB version, along with the iPhone 4 for $399 which is the 8GB version. The deal ends up being a stellar one when compared to the other non contracted versions of the iPhone currently for sale. Mainly because they come with much less GB and data is small. Once exceeded it will be slowed.

The downside is Cricket Wireless is a much smaller company than the likes of Verizon and AT&T which could result is a less reliable network. If you decide to give it a go we would be interested to hear how you went. Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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