The makers of Galaxy S III announced that there will be additional variety of colors to choose from. In the efforts of the makers of Galaxy S III, they continued to use “Inspired by nature” themes to make a new look. The theme correlates man’s connection to natural material and besides, it complements the organic experience it brings to the users.

The past month, Red Garnet color is available from AT&T, exclusively. Other variations aren’t available until now, but the Amber brown, Sapphire Black and Titanium Gray will be released as soon as possible.


The Brown color pays tribute to Amber, a gemstone that sometimes have fossils suspended inside it, rumors had been told that it sustains the secrets of Earth inside it. The Red one is for Garnet, a special stone believed by Egyptians to have protective powers. The Black version is stones that the Persians and Indians believe to strengthen willpower. The silver one suggests intelligence and curiosity. Two more colors will soon be added to the existing options, “Pebble Blue” and “Marble White”.

Some color availability will vary depending on the country and carrier you are in. So maybe you will not get the colors you want that easily. And maybe, this will be good news for you. is getting pre-order listing for the Galaxy S III Black model since the 13th of August. Handset will be available 4 to 6 weeks of that date. Want one? Get one now and enjoy.

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