If you’re anything like myself and have taken a considerable liking to American football ever since the NBA lockout and all of its corruption, then I highly recommend checking out this latest game from Madden, Madden 13. read on to find out more on the Madden 13 Demo after the jump.

To download your copy of the Madden 12 demo, all you have to do is head over to Xbox Live and check out the new releases. It can sometimes be a bit random. In times like these, use the search box and start typing in Madden instead and you will see the new cover featuring Megatron, Calvin Johnson.


Once downloaded, you can treat yourself to your choice of two different full 5-minute quarter games. Either relive the Superbowl and play New York Giants Vs. Green Bay Packers or take your pick of an up and coming team in the Seattle Seahawks Vs. Washington Redskins battle. I must point out that yes, it is current rosters, including RG3 and Russel Wilson, as well as all of the other exciting rookies in the class.

I am new to the Madden games, so I can’t comment much on improvement and new features, but if it wasn’t perfect before, it’s nearly there now. Personally, I’d like to be able to move around on offense running routes rather than being forced to play Quarter Back all day long, but maybe that’s just me.