One of the best reasons to continue unchaining your Android-based smartphones is to keep up with the times. We are often restricted by the phone carriers and phone manufacturers when it comes to what software and operating system version we can run. However, with the thanks to talented third-party developer help we can install Custom ROMs based loosely on the fresher software that our decides cannot otherwise use.

Paranoid Android is one of the best custom experiences available, and they make a range of custom ROMs for people to install. In this instance, they have come up with version Alpha 1 based on the latest Android L Developer Preview software that Google unveiled at the Google I/O. Right now people signed up as developers can use the feature, and most of us are not because it costs money.

Nothing is real paranoid Android

The name Alpha 1 comes because it is the beginning of what is considered ‘acceptable’ to use without it crashing or causing too many problems. However, a word of warning: do not install this on your daily drive unless you are prepared for lots of interesting bugs. There will be plenty of them and lots more inside. Use this Rom if you want to check out what is in store with the new Android software of tomorrow in terms of features.

In addition, what we offer here gives a better experience than the previous attempt and it does come with lots of goodies. They include an automatically activated PIE with immersive mode, Theme Engine upstream patches, QuickSettings bug fixes, ParanoidOTA Fixes, cleanups and a fix in place for daydream duplicates.

Comparatively, we’ve had the pleasure of learning a lot about what the real Android L serves up. Inside is a lock screen that shows notifications, prioritize the notifications with new Google algorithms, redesigned notification bar, Quick Setting button change location to near the notification bar, plus a range of changes to the Quick Settings system. Auto Brightness change its name to Adaptive Brightness. There is a new Do Not Disturb Mode and rotation lock shortcut.

On the other hand, Apple found great success with the “Control Centre when they introduced iOS 7. I’m not calling anybody a copycat, but Apple’s iOS 7 came out roughly a year ago and gave people access to settings from swiping up. In it is a torch, quick access to adjusting the screen brightness, the sound and so-forth. Coincidentally it was also labelled the biggest change to iOS since its birth back in 2007, not too dissimilar from the phrases we are hearing about the new version of Android. Some are saying it is the biggest change since 2008.

Nevertheless, if you want to download the Nexus PA 4.5 Alpha 1 builds go here. if yo do not have the Nexus and rather using a different ANdroid-based handset follow the AOSPA legacy project webpage here.