We all understand that the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update is a minor one that increases the security and patches up a flaw found in the previous Android 4.4.3 KiKat, but nonetheless we are still seeing new builds rolling out for devices. Today we have received word that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra And Z1 Compact are two smartphones with PTCRB certification for a new build namely 14.4.A.0.118 firmware.

In the light of the new OTA software update coming, we are expecting much of the same again with new bug fixes and security enhancements yet again. Moreover, there’s understanding that it does come with extra performance boosts for the operating system too. In recent times we have witnessed extra battery power coming, coupled with new firmware so amazing things can happen when tweaks to the OS come.


So far in Android 4.4.4 there is a redesigned phone dialer app, new color scheme for the dialer, card-based interface for the app itself and some changes with the People app. In addition to this we saw the security fix in place for OPENSSL.

The 14.4.A.0.118 firmware comes for the Xperia Ultra C6833 and the Compact D5503 smartphones put together by the multinational mobile phone manufacturing company.

The images taken from the unofficial Xperia Blog show both versions existing on pages from the website. You can view them below:


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