If you are with the phone carrier Sprint then you should now start to see the Android 4.3 update come over the air and into your phone settings. Save yourself the hassle of checking every few minutes, because typically this will come as a notification.

The move puts Sprint in front of the pack leaving AT&T and T-Mobile lies in its wake. They are receiving theirs shortly we would assume because Verizon was the winners in this race, and that was only three days before we have come to witness the Sprint one.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean


You might recall us saying that Smartphones in the Galaxy range would be receiving an update to make them compatible with the Galaxy Gear smartwatches. Well, this is exactly that. Once users install this one, the Gears will automatically become compatible, so it’s safe to head over to the shopping centers now and buy your watches.

That’s really the main feature in this one that takes the cake this time around. There will be plenty more in store for you guys after you update, though, so don’t worry. After all, it is the premium suite.

Via: Android Central