The Galaxy Note 3 LTE has just received two different firmware upgrades, one of which we have here for you today. The one we have is the UDMJ6, but there is also a UDMJ8 on the loose if you want to track it down.

Being the WiFi model, there has been some changes made to the WiFi firmware. There’s also an added MTP feature which will enhance reading and writing. Some users reported NFC issues with connecting, you can now expect those to be solved. Browsers and clipboard have also had worked done to them. The Clipboard in particular will now support YouTube 5.1.

Android Jelly Bean


The build number ending in the J6 is in the United Kingdom region, and the other one has hit Hong Kong. This is just where it has come out over the air, but it doesn’t really matter where you are, if you want them you can have either one by downloading manually. Just remember what features they have inside and what objectives you are looking to meet.

There’s been a change to the lock settings function. Instead of it being set to the on position by default it is now off by default.

Both updates will also be available via Samsung KIES.

Via: XDA forum