Nokia plan on bringing out their own 8-inch tablet to the market during the 2014 Q1. Nokia has had a long history supporting Windows as their operating system, and according to The Verge, that trend is set to continue.

The new tablet will have Windows RT 8.1 and a Qualcomm processor. It isn’t yet known the exact processor specs, however, this tablet will have a quad-core and running a 1080p display.

Ev Leaks has been given the name The Illusionist and have a strong inkling that his is what this one will be called.

Although reports are early 2014, there’s a good chance it won’t be January or else they might have just rushed it out before the Christmas sales where they would have made a lot more money. Expect this one to hit shelves more around February to March.

The Microsoft Surface tablets haven’t had the success, MS would have hoped, but they are still doing well enough for the Redmond company to continue making them. Reports were they would consider a mini version of the Surface in early 2014, but that could now be scrapped all together with this news.

Via The Verge