While Apple has a firm grasp over Microsoft when it comes to mobiles, the Redmond company has done a mighty fine job coming back at them lately. They have taken record market shares across Europe and other places in the world. They are beginning to pave the way in innovation instead of just doing what the others do but later. They are getting more and more applications for the platform which was once known as many people’s reasons for not swapping over and giving it a go. All-in-all, if you’re a Microsoft blogger your future is looking brighter if it’s tech trends you love to cover.

It’s important to realize that Microsoft still holds a large part of the traditional desktop traffic. They lead the way there by some margin because they offer a cheaper product that isn’t necessarily better, but it’s hard to deny its affordability. Combine that in with the different versions they have — some for business and professional life — which then has studied courses for people to be trained in as they act as experts for the companies computing needs.

OS X Mavericks are just the operating system, though, and it can also be used for laptops. This is where things vary for the two different firms. MS doesn’t make their own other than the surface tablets. They sell there’s off to manufactures much like Android does with its phone OS. Apple on the other hand keeps their operating system strictly for their range of products including the Mac books. These laptops are very popular.

Today a study has revealed that Windows 8.1 – which is the latest version of Windows — has more users than the fruit companies’ efforts does with mavericks which was just released after the U.S. Summer holidays along with the Cupertino companies new product range from iMacs to Mac books and iPad’s with retina display. It’s also important to note that we have just had the Black Friday sales were anything in the “mobile” category has recorded an 82% sales figure across the entire platform.

With all that being said, we know that Windows reigns supreme in a considerable fashion. But it takes consumers a long time to switch over from the old and over to the new. They don’t just rush out to get these things. If many aren’t forced into upgrading they choose to stay with what they are familiar with using and want to keep using it. Who has time to learn something new anyway? It’s the age-old problem of a business making desktop operating system. They have no choice but to make something different, so they try to better their old version. However, people don’t like change. They are scared of not knowing how to use it. Most casual computer users don’t do anything put store photos and browse the web anyway. What do they really need from it? This also contributes to the huge mobile boom.

If you put Windows 7 and Windows XP together, it makes up 78% of the total global user base of an OS. That’s a huge amount in favor of Redmond. Just looking at the two in question though, Windows 8.1 has 2.64% and Mavericks has 2.42%.