This one took us by surprise, but the new firmware of Android 4.4.1 is now out and readily available for installing on the Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 was of course the first handset that users could experience the KitKat build on originally when it was launched last month. It looks like Google is going to keep the trend going and have this phone as the one that gets to have everything first. That’s great news for people who decided to buy this one instead of anything else.

There’s already been some reports of the Google team having misinformation, showing on their real servers about this one. If that’s anything to go by, it isn’t picture perfect with the way it works. Having said that, it obviously will be a cut above the rest because as usual this one will focus on being even more stable than the last.

Google Nexus 5


We’ve provided the link down below so that you guys can get your hands on this one manually. If you chose to wait (which is fine) don’t expect it anywhere near as fast. These updates haven’t started coming around any quicker as time has gone on because handsets have become even more popular. That effect basically cancels each other out, and we are still seeing the roll outs average around about the same amount of time as the ones before it.

Two days ago we knew that this was in its testing stages. That report came to us via Phone Arena, but it seems that the news was likely old because testing would take more than 48 hours to fully complete.

One thing we do know about this build is that the camera inside of the Nexus 5 will be a focal point. If you experienced any type of malfunction, or you may have thought of something you didn’t like about the old firmware, go ahead and check this out because your dreams may have come true.

Update: We are now starting to see this come out for the Nexus 4 too!

List of known improvements compared to the last edition:


  • Audio is better through the speakers.
  • Bluetooth improvements also to do with Audio.
  • The battery widget has changed.
  • Different Icons in the power area.
  • The sound coming through is much louder than last time.


Download: Android 4.4.1 Manual Update