While it isn’t going an exact match because that would be cutting it very thin in terms of being organized, there has been a shipment date matching up as the 20th of December for at least two different retail outlets. These stores expect to be getting in some IQ Shield LiquidSkin screen protectors. These are protectors that go on top of the 929’s screens to keep them from getting damaged. This is normal to see and while it doesn’t tell us when the mobile itself will be coming out, we know from experience that this generally happens about 1 or 2 weeks before the launch.

It’s a bit surprising since Christmas falls on the 25th of December. Naturally, these mobile makers bring the devices out before that date so that people can buy them when they’re shopping. With that being said, from our judgement this handset could come a few days before the fat man in a red suit drops down your chimney. If it doesn’t happen then, our next guess is after the New Years Eve. It is highly unlikely anybody brings out a new handset only a few days after the big day. It just doesn’t make much sense to us.

You might remember Ev Leaks giving us an image of the white version of this phone back in October. That has had us all excited waiting for its eventual release. November then began seeing another leak, but this time for a release date that was in the last week of that same month. That evidently never happened. We are still doing this going on without a proper leaked bit of information from any source. That in itself is a rare thing in today’s day and age. As good a job as Microsoft has done keeping this Windows Phone under wraps, they may have let the information slip another way of not covering up a key accessory.

Via: WMPoweruser