This 10.9.1 will be one of the final Beta versions before the stable version of OS X Mavericks is ready to be rolled out. Apple has given the green light for developers to download this one and give it a whirl in the hopes that they find things wrong with it and report the gray areas back to them so they can then be fixed.

One of the big problem areas that has been found to date was the high CPU usage inside Mavericks. I know from experience what this is like, and let me tell you, it’s a big problem. It’s a pest that causes grief outside of the browsers and every bit of browsing you do will be slow while the Mac makes noises because it is being overworked. It’s one thing that is sure to shorten the life of your Mac, and it’s painful to listen while you stand by and watch.

Mavericks has seen heaps of cool new features like the scheduling, purge commands, frost effect and extra terminal things. By opening the software up to new tricks, it is also increasing the chances of more bugs being found so naturally there will be some.

Another problem that was found was the email side of things, but Apple addressed that already with a dedicated mail update. People who were also experiencing G-mail not working well should also have found a resolution at the same time.

With the long list of trouble spots, it’s understood that Apple is refusing to dish out a time frame for all the people who aren’t developers to get their hands on a legit copy of this. With that news it would be a wise choice to not expect to find it within the next few weeks at least.

If you are looking to steer clear of this particular build all together, it is possible to downgrade from Mavericks to Mountain Lion. If you are going to stay then it will be the pre-release for a bit longer.