Today’s best rumour we could find suggests that the iWatch will be coming with two different sizes in mind. Rather than having 2 radically different styles, there will be one more suited to men and the other more styled for a feminine look.

With the smart watches of today, while they are out, they are far from a fantastic product. Apple keeps telling us that it’s not so much them being late on the scene, but rather others hurrying the job so that they’re first on the scene and reap the rewards of being known as the face of the idea. With that news means we will be seeing some changes from the one’s we are seeing today, and not just their way that they look. It seems one of the fruit company plans is to make one for both sexes.

There’s been much deliberation what shape the iWatch was going to be. Most current Smartphones are squarish, but Apple has always been known to be a more rounded company in both looks and ability. With this news, it’s safe to say that we can expect a definite rounder female version, because curved is more of women in design.

All the other information we have on this is that the girl watch will be 1.3 inches in size and the boy watch will be 1.7 inches, making the men’s version bigger. We can only assume it’s for aesthetic purposes only, and there won’t be added features in the men just because there is more internal room for them. That’s not a safe bet, however, because Apple may have found a good way to use the extra space.

Wearable tech is going to engulf all of us over the next few years, and these tech brands want to make sure that they are successful product lines. When it comes to wearing something, whether it is jewelry or clothes, we as people have always been very picky with fashion. For the reason, it seems nothing short of a great idea by the Cupertino company to mix things up a bit — it can only help the sales.

The picture featured in this article would be the closest thing we have come across to being a good bet on what it would look like when it is eventually released. Before this it was either very square, or basically circular in shape. Having more of the square combined with the rounded edges was a picture I’ve been waiting to see.