One of the biggest places in the world that the iPhone 5C was made for was China. Apple set about making a device that was more suited to their lower budgets intended to sell more units. It seems that may have been translated into Mandarin from across the pond though, because sales haven’t been strong over the either, much like it has been back west.

Ever since the iPhone 5C first came out we knew they weren’t selling well. Although figures were not given, it wasn’t too difficult to be able to see the trends judging from several telling factors.

Today sources are saying that Foxconn could be stopping production all together and just keep what they have left to sell. Instead, they will focus making more of the iPhone 5S handsets which are still selling ripe.

Although the Cupertino company haven’t come out an said anything publicly about the budget iPhone, this naturally isn’t looking very good for them. It will be interesting to see what they decide to do next in the newer range of Apple smartphones. This could end up being a one and done deal for the cheaper side of things. Or, they might decide to pack more into it next time at least.

One of the things that made the flagship 5S so compelling was the new touch ID fingerprint scanner. This wasn’t on the cheaper option. It looks as though consumers are more willing to cough up the extra money for features, and not still pay a fairly hefty price for a phone without them, even if it does come cheaper than the higher priced model.

After getting our hands on the more budget colourful version, we certainly wouldn’t have a problem in owning it. It does feel like really good quality even though it is made out of plastic and it looks really great when paired together with iOS 7.

Via: AppleInsider