The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy gear are two new devices the South Korean tech giants are adding to the range. Both have been revealed, but neither as of yet are available to be purchased in most parts of the world. That hasn’t stopped Samsung from revealing the source codes for both, though, including two different versions of the Note 3.

All three devices in question are the SM-V700 (Gear), SM-M900-T and the N900W8 (Note 3’s).  If these numbers don’t seem familiar, you are not alone in thinking so. At this point in time there’s nothing more than guesses as to what these versions are because they are not official release numbers. Current guesses have the 900T as an American market mobile; possibly the entire Americas, including south and central regions.

The one where you can expect to see a lot more of this kind of stuff out of the bunch is the Gear. That’s because it’s operating system is heavily modified, rather than a standard version of Android. It’s more modified than most devices, including the likes of the Note series. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be open to aftermarket pieces any more than the rest, however. The developers will have to take a look and see what they can come up with by means of custom ROM’s and roots.

The Note should hold special interest also because Samsung all but confirmed the fingerprint scanner to be on board when it is released.

The Gear is a new smart-watch and the Note are the new mobile phone.