The HTC One Max is officially certified as of today and is ready to be released on the 15th of October sources day.

Although Apple got to take all of the credit, it seems Samsung isn’t far behind them in the fingerprint scanner race. Evidence of that has now come to light in this new HTC One, Max, which is said to be fully equipped with the new mobile and tablet technology.

It does manage to take some of the credit, though, because technically the One Max is a phablet; meaning it will be the first phablet ever to be released with this technology. This may have also been a key reason for the release of it at this particular time. It is possible HTC were preparing the fingerprint sensor on a mobile, but happened to change their mind once they fall behind in time.

There’s every chance that HTC developed this technology on their own and didn’t simply look at what Apple had done, because this release comes much too close to any kind release date we would expect to see if they had of just come up with the plans now.

The One Max is basically the same design as the One, only bigger.

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