The popular mid-ranged LG Lucid has just received an official firmware update to VS840ZV9 rolling out OTA. Keep an eye on the notification panel to make sure you get yours when it arrives.

The LG Lucid has seemed to shine since its first moment of existence. If you were buying a phone around 12 months ago and were in the market for something of the budget variety, then the Lucid would have made a great choice. It was at that price, however, it seemed like it was better. Now a year on from that date and Android are still pushing out software updates for it, which is really great if you are an owner to see that happening.

Details of this particular OTA update are rather scared at the moment. What we have managed to find out is that it carries some serious security upgrades to fix existing vulnerabilities which were found. On top of those patches there are also updates to the Google Now, My Verizon, Verizon remote diagnostics, VZ navigator, added media to the backup assistant, updated sync engines, SSO updates and enhanced family based application.

If you think all that sounds like way too much for a single update you don’t have to take my word for it. You can check out the picture which his a screenshot of what the official website has to say on the matter for further proof.

This is an over the air update meaning that it should pop right into your settings in time.

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