In a rather confusing attempt to outshine Google Glass? The new Motorola Moto X Advertisement (which is a device also co-owned by Google that runs Android) shows us a commercial for a mobile with humor for a nice change of pace. Here’s to hoping all mobile ads are done with humor from here on in, because personally, I think they are much more enjoyable and leave a lasting impression. This new ad for the Moto X also likes to come with a large budget where they happily water logs a car in the process.

The commercial seems to be showing off the Google Now feature which is on the Moto X where drivers can use it whilst behind the wheel and have their devices pinned to the dash at the same time. It depicts two younger males without the phone that fall off into the ocean. Meanwhile, another happily dry and confident business man drives passed talking to his Google Now app and everything in his world is fine and dandy.

If you weren’t too impressed by the humor, hopefully you appreciate the car flying off of the cliff into the lake. From what we can see, this doesn’t appear to be a simple computer generated stunt, but rather a good quality real life stunt. If only we could go behind the scenes and find out what really happened.

The new advertisement is known as the “lazy Phone Ad” and can be viewed across the United States.