The Korean media have spoken about the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 sporting a flexible display. Apparently the word on the street is that they have already seen this in action and could be launched as soon as next month, included in the official range of phones.

Among my group of friends I have been known to ramble about future technologist, most of which are shunned as poor attempts of telling a decent story. Funnily enough, the flexible mobile phone was something I recently predicted to be with us within the next five years. If this story does hold up, there will be none more pleased than myself. Estimations of it coming next month on the Note 3 are severely far-fetched, however, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these just lye as nothing more than rumors.

What might be a bit more believable is a limited edition flexible display Galaxy Note. That most certainly does have the making of a true rumor. The reason being is because we know that the elements do exist for a flashy phone. However, the issue is how much of this product do we have to currently spread around the globe? Whether we had enough of it was always going to be the issue in my opinion.

If it does happen, these phones will be a very hot commodity in peoples eyes and you can expect them to be worth a pretty penny on eBay once they take to the streets. You can see what an example of it may look like in the featured image above.