The Motorola Moto X recently saw an update which took to the device’s camera and made it better than it was previously. This, at the time, was only rolled out to the T-Mobile clan of people first for unknown reasons. It caused up a bit of a stir, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

The good news is that all of the other carriers who were originally excluded from the deal will be receiving their upgrades for the camera on Monday, United States of America time.

The update was for the camera attached to the rear of the phone and not the front facing one. It upgrades the way the camera takes pictures by making them focus faster than normal. It also is aimed at improving the picture quality in general.

The news was posted on the Google+ account of the Motorola rep who was posed with the question: what about the others? He replied that they would be coming around soon. Now we have been given an official release date for it.

Monday, the day given, will most likely be the beginning of an over the air roll out. What that means is that it has not reached all devices by Monday, but it will have begun rolling out. Generally a file is provided by the team a few days later, which then lets users download it manually if they wish to do so.